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Fine Artists Exhibition2014

         3rd Annual
Fine Artists Exhibition

          August 2nd - 10th, 2014

Hosted by
Sunapee Landing Trading Company   

This is a rare Art sales event of a small, but important, group of top NH and area artists. The current trend of Classical Realism as espoused by "The Art Renewal Center
 will be a strong theme throughout this Exhibition. Artists will be present to chat about their work and present some of the best Fine Art that is being generated from NH & area Artists, some with National Reputations. 

We will post the links to the artists websites who will be in attendance for the 2014 show
~ So stay tuned!~

August 2nd - 10th 2014 
rain or shine

Free Admission
Parking is available

   Below are examples of paintings by the artists who where in attendance last year.  If you are interested in any of these painting, please contact the artist directly ...

"Sovereignty, Purity, Nobility, Loyalty, Liberty, Remnant in America" (c) by Mary Jane Q Cross, ARCALM


      Hawleyville (c)                     (c) by Dennis Stuart
    by Dennis Stuart

"Marsh Glowing" (c) by Carolyn Currie
                    "Starry Starry Night" (c) by Mary Iselin

" Ladies in Red" (c) by Jeanne Maquire Thieme  

The Comfort of Natures Grace (c)
by Gill Truslow

"Calla Lily" (c) by Beth Johnston

      "Greystone Overlook" (c) by Deborah Bacon  

"Bronze Steed" (c) by Alberta Geyer

"Cathedral Ledge from West Side Road" (c)
by Sharon E Allen 

"Brown Headed Nuthatch" (c)
by Steve Hamlin

Click on the artists name to view their website.   
Mary Jane Q Cross, ARCALM
Jeanne Maquire Thieme

Mary Iselin
Carolyn Currie
Dennis Stuart
Gill Truslow

Beth Johnston
Deborah Bacon 
Sharon E Allen

Steve Hamlin

Any questions concerning this event or future events, please contact us.
  ~ Sunapee Landing Trading Company~ 

2013~ Chatting with the Artist's

Come watch the Artist's while they paint!!

This year's show has been exceptional.  And perfect weather to boot!

This is a very genteel show.  Its worth the visit!

The review from the public for last years show was all very positive.  They were very happy to be able to speak with the artists.  At times, the public was able to see some of the artists working on a new painting in the shade of the big apple tree.  

Mary Jane Q Cross blew the conch shell to open & close each days show

Visitors chatting with the Artists

 ... And purchasing !

Artists enjoying the shade of the apple tree

The painting in the heading of this page is a section of  "Quiet Infusion" by Mary Jane Q Cross  Owned by a Private Collector

Photos used in conjuction with the Fine Artist Exhibition page(s) were used with the permission of the artist(s)  Mary Jane Q Cross , Robin Frisella, Mary Iselin, Jeanne Maquire Thieme, Carolyn Currie, Dennis Stuart, Gill Truslow, Beth Johnston, Deborah Bacon, Sharon E Allen, Steve Hamlin.   All images of the paintings are copyright of the artist.



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