January 14, 2015

Lets pray that this year will be a better year!

Bill is doing fine  :-)  During Christmas he was at his worst.  The blasts were up, his red cells down and that whole week he could barely do anything except sleep.  He was not able to attend and Christmas gatherings or Church services.   Since then, we've just stayed focused on praying for healing, taking the supplements & green drinks oh, and the Vitamin C IV infusions 2x per week.                     Last week he started to improve.  This week even more so.
Here are the stats:

Jan 9, 2015
Jan 2, 2015
Normal CBC counts
WBC  17.5
WBC 18
WBC         4.5-10
RBC   2.66 
RBC  2.74
RBC          4.6-6.3
Platelets 52   
Platelets 49  
Platelets   140-440
ANC 5.76
ANC 4.33 
ANC          1.6-6.5
Neutrophils 24
Neutrophils 24
Neutrophils  32-70
Blasts % 49
Blast % 47
Blast %   Zero  
Blast Abs 8.6
Blast Abs 8.5
Blast Abs Zero


For those who are following the numbers, the whites started to come back down.  This is a very good trend.  We need this to keep happening.   Some of his numbers have actually come up to a normal range.  The Blasts (cancer indicators)  The Blast Abs was going up in whole numbers, Jan 2 it only went up by 1/2 a percentage.  Jan 9th only by a tenth of a percent.   So, all in all its slowing down.   This is really great news because he went from 5 straight up to 8 in one week.  (Christmas week)

He says that he's feeling better this week.  He's been moving furniture in the store, hanging very heavy mirrors, you get the picture!  Then he says he feels a little tired.  Geez you think so?!   I told him that most people who have what he has are sick from Chemo etc  in the hospital, cant move.. etc etc..   He said... "OK, OK... Chrissy!"

So, steady she goes....   We'll beat this...  I have faith!

February 2015

Gosh, Where to begin...  shortly after I posted the last post Bill took a turn for the worst.  Call it a perfect storm? I don't know, but I almost lost him.  The cancer blasts went out of control.  Bill felt awful.  All he wanted to do was sleep.  He had Zero energy.  His White cells were out of control, his Red cells were falling.  His immune system was almost in the NORMAL ranges thou.   ???  I brought him to Dartmouth Hitchcock to get a Red Blood cell infusion.  They gave him 2 bags of blood.  He felt alittle Better.  While there they mentioned that there was a chemo drug that didnt act like the "Big Bad Chemo" drugs.
Its called Decogen.  It wouldnt make his hair fall out, it would target the cancer cells, but it would lower his immune system and his reds a bit.   We told them that we would think about it.

After we got home Bill still felt poorly.   I called his sister Donna and asked if she would come and help me with Bill and the store.   THANK YOU !!!   She arrived within 2 days.   During that time He stopped drinking water  (Dont let this happen to your loved ones or yourself!!)  He also stopped eatting.  His stomach was for sure shrinking, he was begining to look like someone from a concentration camp.  Just all bone.  I tried to get him to drink, and gave him Ensure types of shakes to drink..trying to keep his protein levels and calories up but he could only take a sip or two at a time.  

Finally the night before Donna arrived while we were having a very bad snow storm both of us thought that this was the end.  (You see, Bill did not want to go to any hospital. He wanted to die at home with me if that was Gods will)

That night was the most horrible for both of us.  The night before he had pulled a muscle in his leg while he was sleeping.  He could not walk with that leg.  He just screamed in pain.  It was horrible.    Later that night Bill truly thought that this was the end for him.  He said he could feel himself slipping away.   It was so painful for both of us, We said our "Good Byes" to each other.    In true Bill fashion, he kept waking up and saying to me..." Chrissy...dont forget to do.."
"Chrissy, remember to do....in the store" and of course... "Chrissy, you can do this". 

I offered to take him to the hospital that night so that he could get some Red cells ( blood transfusion).  He said "IN the morning if I'm still here.  I dont want you driving in this storm and I dont want anyone to come get me in this blizzard"  So, we waited for morning. knowing it would be too late.

During that night I had probably one of my most heart wrenching conversations with God.  You see all along Bill's journey, when ever I asked God if this was Bill's time? I would hear "NOT NOW"..

So you can imagine my conversation with God that night. "God, you said "NOT NOW", yet I'm watching the love of my life die before my own eyes".

What I heard next probably changed me for life.  God said to me, "Christine, Are you questioning your faith in me?"   Now when "GOD" talks to you, you listen... But when he asks this question.."Do you have FAITH in me?"    If you were to say no, then I guess your whole belief system is tossed out the window.    My answer.....   "Yes, I do have faith in you".. God then said to me "Then BE STILL and know that Bill is mine and this is NOT his time".....    So with that, I gave Bill another good night kiss and went to sleep praying that my faith & Love was enough...

 Morning arrived and Bill rolled over, looked at me and said "I'm here baby!!"    We cried, and got ready for the hospital.   Once there, they hooked him up to an IV to get some liquids into him because he was so dehydrated from not drinking.   We told the Dr's that Bill wanted to try the Decogen.  Thou an out patient treatment, due to the condition that Bill was in, it was agreed that he needed to stay in the hospital so that they could continue to give him fluids and to watch how he responds to the Decogen.

Almost right away, he started to feel better.  AND he was eatting and drinking again.   After 6 days in the hospital, he was able to come home... why? Because he was again walking circles around the cancer unit.  Doing exercises in his room.  The Dr's felt he would be better off at home at this point.   3 days later when he went to the hospital just to check his blood work, we found that everything was going very well and the Dr's were surprised at his progress.

 We are home now, settling into our new routine... Bill to take it easy (ok, those that know him, know I'm in for a struggle with this one!) I TRY to have him rest in the afternoons.  Some days this works.. Some days it does not.  How am I doing?   I think my nerves are shot to tell you the truth.  I have very little energy but, I have to keep going.  I've got Bill to care for and of course keeping our store running and looking great.   

For those looking for numbers:

Feb 3, 2015
Jan 9, 2015
Normal CBC counts
WBC  34.1
WBC 17.5
WBC         4.5-10
RBC   2.49
RBC  2.66
RBC          4.6-6.3
Platelets 46
Platelets 52
Platelets   140-440
ANC 5.29
ANC 5.76
ANC          1.6-6.5
Neutrophils 16
Neutrophils 24
Neutrophils  32-70
Blasts % 70
Blast % 49
Blast %   Zero
Blast Abs 23.9
Blast Abs 8.6
Blast Abs Zero


After the Decogen:

Feb 16, 2015
Feb 3, 2015
Normal CBC counts
WBC  5.0
WBC 34.1
WBC         4.5-10
RBC   3.13
RBC  2.49
RBC          4.6-6.3
Platelets 62
Platelets 46
Platelets   140-440
ANC   0.96
ANC 5.29
ANC          1.6-6.5
Neutrophils 19
Neutrophils 16
Neutrophils  32-70
Blasts % 44
Blast % 70
Blast %   Zero
Blast Abs 2.2 
Blast Abs 23.9
Blast Abs Zero


Bill's reds started to come up on their own.  We are hopeful that this trend continues. Now I know you're all thinking... HEY WAIT !! you said that you didnt want to use any chemo drugs.  That is true, but since this one was different from the 'BIG BAD BOY of Chemo" Bill decided he'd give it a try.  And if Bill was on the brink of death otherwise, Did we really have anything to loose?  If we can get the cancer knocked down for a while perhaps this will give us the time we need to let his body heal it self more. We ( Bill and I) think that because we had been working on building up his immune system, that this has helped him greatly, pre-paired him as it were.  Also just as a side note...it may not have anything to do with anything except I'm thinking that it does...   Toxins are stored in our fat.  When Bill stopped eating, his body started to consume all the stored fat in his system.  I'm thinking that because this was happening the toxins were released in his system which was feeding the cancer (benzene from the furniture cleaners he's been using for over 20 years).  I think this added to the perfect storm.  I may be way off base here, time will tell, but I'm wondering if the loss of all the body fat (toxins included) if Bill's system will start to recover ??  Who knows.. stranger things have happened with us on this journey! 

Did I hear you asking... "Hey Chris...has GOD spoken to you since that night??"   As a matter of fact yes.   The other morning as I was waking up and rolled over to look at Bill, God's message to me was " A long time from now" and as for myself, he keeps telling me, "Breath, Have Faith in ME and BE STILL"   so that's what I'm doing..    When things get tough, I say to myself... "God Loves me, Billy Loves me"...and Donna knows just when to bring me a hot cup of tea!     (She left for VA a couple of days ago... Billy just brought me a cup of tea !   Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks?)

Thank you for all of your prayers!   It's been amazing.. from around the world you've been praying for us.. humbling it is.   (((Huggs to you all)))   from Billy and me.

Stay tuned!

Feb 24 2015

Test Results..
I'm not sure what to think. (Still believing in what I was told!)

 Bill thought for sure that he was not doing well.  Though he was up and moving around, lifting light furniture, even shoveled a few shovel fulls of snow, he said that he was feeling really weak.   ???Yah Think???  He hardly has any muscle and zero fat on his body after what just happened.  OH Wait!! I think also if I'm remembering right, he was also unable to get out of bed...   My Billy!!! What am I going to do with him?     I happen to think he's doing really well.  He's up and about but the Hyperplasia in his gums are still bothering him, but its my hope that once he goes into remission this will clear up as well.

Bill went for his lab work today...  The Dr's at Dartmouth are quite happy with Bill's progress.   Whites coming down- Cancer Blasts are still coming down- Red cells came down a little but still holding steady- Immune system holding (low but holding)   He's back to eatting and drinking a lot of water.  He's actually starting to put on weight  (wish I could give him some of mine!! I'll share...REally!!)    :-) 

For those number geeks... here you go...

Feb 23, 2015
Feb 16, 2015
Normal CBC counts
WBC  4.3
WBC 5.0 
WBC         4.5-10
RBC   2.90
RBC  3.13
RBC          4.6-6.3
Hemoglobin 7.4
Hemoglobin 8
Hemoglobin 13.7-17.5
Platelets 31
Platelets 62
Platelets   140-440
ANC   0.95
ANC .96
ANC          1.6-6.5
Neutrophils 13 
Neutrophils 19
Neutrophils  32-70
Blasts % 45
Blast % 44
Blast %   Zero
Blast Abs 1.9
Blast Abs 2.2
Blast Abs Zero


I added a new line to his numbers.  Hemoglobin.  When that falls below 7 they want Bill to get a Red Blood infusion.

We've been given the Green light to find a place to just relax and regroup.  I'll keep you posted on that one !   But while we are away, the Dr's at Dartmouth have set up appointments with the hospital there so that Bill can have his lab work done and if he needs Reds they can give it to Bill there.  (Can't quite get away from everything just yet)..

As for me...  Still wiped out.. need rest.. looking forward to some down time.  :-)     Keeping the Faith!


Feb-April 2015

Bill and I had a wonderful time in Florida.  We spent 4 weeks on the beach.  What a blessed time it was.   Morning chia's on the beach, reading our morning devotionals to each other, listening to the waves, just totally in awe of the day and the love God has for us..and of course Billy would turn to me with a twinkle in his eye and tell me how much he Loves me.   

May 2015

Bill caught a flu and became ill with a fever that would not go away.
after a week of the fever I told him that I could do nothing more to knock it down, we needed more help.  so we went to Dartmouth Hospital. (the nursing staff and Drs were wonderful to Bill).
after a week there, Billy passed away after having a major stoke in his brain.  Complication from the chemo we think.   My darling husband was surrounded by 10 of his family members when he passed away.  He is with us still, in our hearts, in our memories..
He was such a special man.  I miss him so much....
He was and will always be the man of my dreams.. my solemate, my love.

Even though Billy lost his life to the Leukemia (treatment of) He would want everyone to try to heal their body first by natural ways.
He totally believed in it, as I still do.    If I can be of assistance to anyone, please feel free to email me.

June 6, 2015

I wanted to Thank all of you for your kind words and prayers for me.
I'm doing ....ok....   I have my moments..  I'm trying to stay busy with our store.  Billy renovated our store building for me so I could continue on-- for him.  And so I shall. :-) 

There is something that we did prior to Bill becoming very ill, (you should do this if you havent yet) We made sure that I had "Power of Attorney" for both financial and medical.   We made sure our Will's were up todate.  Bill wrote down all of his online accounts along with their passwords.  (Banking, email, facebook, ebay etc) and IF your loved one was in the military, make sure you have a copy of their DD214 (discharge paper), you'll need this!  Bill also told me how he wanted his Memorial to be...      All of these things made it much easier for me when his time to leave me came about. 

I'll leave you with the words that I had made on the bronze plaque on Bill's stone wall (head stone...yes, I'm having a stone wall made for him because he so loved to make them!)  Nothing ordinary for my Love !


Many times we wonder if anything positive can come from something so sad and tragic in our lives.   I am here to say, Yup!  As you read, Bill lost his fight or as he would like to say, continuing his personal journey, just not here on this planet we call Earth.    Here is what happened ( queue the soft music)...    During the course of our journey with Bill's fight with MDS/ Leukemia many people had found this blog.  Some people actually came out to meet us.  This is the story about one of those people.  Her name is Erica.  She was diagnosed with MDS.  She was told she had to do all the typical standard treatments,  chemo etc etc..  She found our blog, decided to do what we did.  She reached out to one of Bill's Naturopathic doctors and started that treatment.   Fast forward to just the other day this is the email that came to me.... 

"titled:   Long time no talk :)

"Hey there it's Erica... Just wanted to fill you in on something.  My blood counts are almost completely normal.  Only thing off is platelets.. at 124,000.  Reds are normal and so are whites.  I can't begin to thank you enough for the blog you wrote years ago and hooking me up with Dr. Noe.  I truly believe it saved my life... Thank you again.., I hope all is well with you and God Bless!!!  Xoxox   Erica"

So, yes, you can imagine that the tears started flowing... and looked up to the ceiling and said out loud... " Billy !!!  We helped someone because of my blog!!  Your major right hand turn in your personal journey was able to help someone continue their journey here on earth for a bit longer !"     Feeling very humble.. and grateful. 

Now, my journey continues..   I have decided to continue to help people.   (shocker)  

So here I will just add one more thing. I want you all to look into.  Electro Magnetic Fields   (EMF) emissions..  I will be posting more about this in a separate blog.   And I found a solution.

"God gave us Love, because He knew that we needed patience and kindness to grow"

thank you all for your prayers and thoughtful emails.
God Bless.... Never give up!

                                                                                       Message from Bill....  " Be Still"     ( you can find a few more of his messages on my YouTube channel)

​​​​​​​(603) 863-2275       356 Route 103  Sunapee, NH  03782           HOURS: Mon-Thurs & Sat 10am - 5pm   Fri 10am - 3:30pm                                                    


HOLIDAY CLOSING DEC 24th Noon   CLOSED Christmas Day


Buffalo Heals!!! 

Thank you Buffalo!

 Their website--->  "Yankee Farmers Market"

Tonight's dinner:
* Glass of red wine
* Buffalo stew made from OSO Boco (leg bone marrow and surrounding meat), carrots, potatoes
* Veggie/ bone marrow soup
* Salad (Kale, romaine, plums, mango, tomato, cuke, pumpkin seeds, watercress & baby arugula) 
*Black beans (turmeric, black pepper, onion, garlic & cilantro) 


July 9, 2013

Nothing much happening today.  Still cooking away.  We have not heard back from his Natrapath doctor yet, maybe tomorrow, we have an appointment with her on Saturday- July 13, so for sure I'll have more to post then.   While we're waiting though, I keep thinking about "what did we do differently from when Bill's numbers were going up to now when they fell just a smidge?"  The only thing I can come up with is that he has reduced his "Green drinks" to only maybe 1 per day vs 4-5 per day.  AND he has been having a glass of wine in the evening.

SO, He's back to drinking at least 4 glasses of Green per day and NO whine (oops I mean Wine) !     I still may have a glass when he's not around though.  :-)    

What else has been happening that's different than a few weeks before? More stress related things are creeping into Bill's life.  I'm convinced that keeping his stress levels down is KEY to allowing his body to concentrate on healing.   So, I'm doing my very best to fending off the issues that I know are going to stress him..  This puts more on me, I know... but for right now.. Its about healing Bill... I'll be fine.

SO, Cooking is a stress reliever (for me anyway)...   wanna know what I made recently?
      Sure you do!..   No really!  I know you do!
           (I can hear you, you know!! )

Howz about

Buffalo Meatballs 

I guess first you'll need to know how I made my own bread crumbs for the meatballs.   This is really going to be one of those "slap your forehead" moments..

Since I want everything to be as natural as I can for Bill I decided to make my own bread crumbs.. Hummm where to find good healthy bread with no additives etc..  Hey wait!! in the freezer I have some bread called "Ezekiel Bread"  This bread is organic and flourless all natural.   Ok.. now that I have a few slices of this frozen bread.. now what.?..

 To dry it out of course..  We'll I guess I could toast it.. naw..  I know!  I'll place 4-6 slices on plates and put them in the sun! (remember your sandwiches as a kid getting all dried out from being in the sun?)   Sure enough... it worked!

After the bread is "Naturally dried out" (come on, yah gotta love it!) break it up and put it into your blender.
Bread crumbs!!!   I just put them in a mason jar. Done!

Ok, back to meatballs..

Take a 1 lb package of ground buffalo meat and place it all into a mixing bowl.   add to it:

raw egg- 1
bread crumbs- 2 large handfulls
freshly grated black pepper- 1 teaspoon
Sea Shakes (kelp & sea salt)- 1 teaspoon
turmeric powder - 1 teaspoon
onion powder - 1 teaspoon
garlic powder - 1 teaspoon
horseradish powder- 1/2 teaspoon
Now the fun part... time to play with our food!
Mix all the above with your hands!

Make your meatballs pretty small so that they won't take so long to cook.  I'm going to assume that you know how to roll a meatball... make them about the size of a small walnut.

In a cast iron pan, put about a teaspoon of coconut oil. Heat the pan on medium heat/flame.  Add your meatballs, turning them so that they brown on all sides.

Now you could stop here and use the meatballs as is 
                          OR YOU COULD...

put them into a spaghetti  sauce, put a sweet and sour sauce over them orjust  freeze them for another time... 

A new veggie soup

is on for tonight... Just came up with this mix so I'll have to let you know how it turns out..

In my stock pot...
3 cups of my Buffalo Bone Marrow stock (soup) see above on how to make this.

2 leeks - cut
4 potatoes- cut
1 onion - cut
2 inches of fresh ginger - peeled and cut up
1 elephant garlic clove- cut
3 bay leaves (rather small ones)
1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder
12 whole pepper corns
1 medium wedge of green pepper (cuz I found it withering in my vegetable bin in my refrigerator ... Bill & I call it the rotter!)

add another 2 cups of fresh water..   boil away on simmer for about 2 hours.  You'll want to check that you don't boil all the water away.. it is a soup after all!

When its done, put it all into your blender and blend away..  use some for dinner and store the rest for the rest of the week.    

this is how I make sure that Bill gets his Bone Marrow soup each day.

and of course..me

My Meat Spices

I use this on absolutely everything!

In a bowl mix the following:  (this makes a batch that you can store)
Use organic if you can. & Remember we are having fun being the mad kitchen scientists!

About 2 teaspoons of paprika
1 1/2 teaspoons of freshly crushed black pepper
3/4 teaspoon of onion & garlic powers
3/4 teaspoon of turmeric
3/4 teaspoon of crushed dried kelp* or sea salt
3/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper**

Mix up with a spoon and put into a container to store.
 (don't try to smell this, you'll sneeze!  Trust me... I did!)

Sprinkle this over any type of meat/burgers/ veggies.. its great! And if you use the dried kelp product there is not much salt.

* Dried Kelp   I use a product called "Sea Shakes" seaweeds & sea salt by InJoy Organics out of Northfield New Hampshire  www.seashakes.com
(( met these folks at a wild mushroom class- great people!)

** Cayenne Pepper    If you happened to have grown some hot pepper last year you can use this too. (dried and powdered. I use my coffee grinder)

Funny story.. years ago I was growing some very hot peppers (beyond atomic!) I wanted them for cooking. (little bit goes ALONG way!)  anyway, My mom happened by one day and saw these pretty little green peppers growing in my garden.  (I was in the house at the time this happened).  The next thing I know, my Mom comes running into my house fanning her mouth in tears.  (You already know what she did!).   Yup, she picked one and popped it into her mouth!   Once we got her mouth to stop being on fire, she told me that "You should have warned ME!"   I looked up to the ceiling and then back to her and said "You shouldn't have picked my pepper!"  We laugh about it now  (Ok, I did then too..)  She never picked anything from my garden again.  ...  Mom if you're reading this... It really was Funny!

July 5th, 2013 

Well today was another day for Lab work.  Bill was a little bummed that his results were not better, but he is still considered to be "stable".   With the Holiday weekend upon us, I don't expect a change in Bill's protocol until perhaps Tuesday after his Naturpath Doctor can review his lab results. (Everyone deserves some down time!)   But I can share what his #'s are.   Some things went up, some things went down a smidgie. And some things that I dont have listed here that were too high are coming down- so this is good.  We just need to get these 5 areas "normal"   He feels great - Looks great, Acts Awesome !   :-)  We are going to continue doing what we are doing.  It took 20+ years for Bill to get this way...  its just going to take some more time to turn his ship around :-)   But we are very confident that we can do this.     Thank you everyone for your prayers and kind thoughts!   Keep those prayer coming!!!

Prayer is very powerful!

from his CBC test- today
Normal CBC counts
WBC 1.6    -
WBC         4.5-10
RBC  3.74   +  
RBC          4.6-6.3
Platelets 20  -
Platelets  140-440
ANC 0.28   -  
ANC          1.6-6.5
Neutrophils 17.2 -
Neutrophils 32-70

Then we walked a FEW MORE MILES... but it was so pretty walking through the woods, the fields..and then!!!!! the main house came into view....

August 8, 2013

Greetings All !  
Bill is still looking great...  We'll know more tomorrow after his new blood work to see if the adjusted protocol is working for him.

In the mean time, I've been experimenting with making muffins with organic ingredients.   We've been hosting our 2nd annual Fine Artists Exhibition here at our store, so I've been using our Artists as guinea pigs 

July 14, 2013

So... Yesterday we saw Dr. Jody Noe, Bill's Naturopath doctor.  She said that Bill should be responding differently than he is.  Meaning, his White Blood Cells (WBC) and his platelets should be improving more.  She said that she suspects that there is something in his system that is preventing the stem cells from producing the normal amount of  WBC+Platelets.   The question....  WHAT!?    So she's ordering more lab working looking for heavy metals & mono traces.
(Bill had Mono as a young boy which kept him in bed for a whole summer).   So we are on the hunt...   But in the mean time, we've added another mushroom to Bill's protocol and some Reflexology( this is using pressure points on your foot to assist in the healing of your body).

 Dr Noe also said that there has to be a certain amount of "Quality of Life" so if Bill wants to take a dive in Lake Sunapee off our boat, to go ahead but to try not to drink too much of the lake water since he still has a very very low immune system.  Just in case...  

and... Oh yah...   we get to add LIVER to our meat diet (sigh)...  at least its cooked!

 I've asked the Farmers to let me know when they have Buffalo Liver in.  They have Elk, so I may try that.  I'm thinking that I may even cook the liver OUTSIDE on the "burner" portion of our grill.  I know some of you who love liver are calling me a whimp...  Yah know...
 " somez of you'z like it, and somez of us don'tz"   The challenge.. how to cook something so it tastes good when you're not particularly fond of it yourself!...   

My mom used to soak the liver in milk for an hour or so before cooking it.   Sounds kind of weird to buy milk just to throw it away. (on our diet, we are not using milk).  But Dr. Noe explained that the milk has has enzymes that attracts the blood enzymes that is present in the liver.   Like attracts like.  and this is what will leach the "Bitter" taste out of the liver.   OK, Milk it is!

Tonight thou, its veggie soup (what ever I had in the Rotter)  and with a chicken stock (from a free range, organic chicken we had the night before. )   Buffalo burgers, black beans and a salad.  Nothing fancy tonight..

Last night I gave Bill a full body massage. (years ago we bought, at an auction, a very expensive massage table for a very low price) I set the table up and finally got Bill to relax for the day.  An hour & a half later, he said he felt really good.  He also noticed that areas that had always before been painful, today were not.  He is attributing this to our change in diet.    And truly our bodies have changed a lot with this diet.

  Someone asked me "How are you doing Christine?"   I'm hanging in there.  Being "care taker" is NOT the easiest thing to do.  Trying to always be positive when what you really want to do is scream.  Trying to NOT forget anything and be ever watchful for signs of something failing or working.  Its stressful to say the least.  For me, I'm one of those people who holds their stress inside.  On the outside I'm calm.. on the inside, I try to stay calm.   I think the stress is settling in my muscles.  

Tonight is MY turn on the table!...  a glass of wine first.. and I'm going to be a very happy wife!...   Nough said.  :-)

Until next time.... This is Christine... signing off (for today anyway)

Now this person also wrote this... and frankly, I do have to agree with her... wrote:

"Trivia. There are few things in the world that smell as awful as the production of turbinado. I'll take a vacation to a pig farm over one to a turbinado processing plant."​

When we travel to visit family in Florida, we have to cross from the East coast of Florida to the West coast and we have to pass a few of these sugar refineries... OMG the Smell !!  I always comment to Bill about how "He's contaminated the car again!" and he declares his innocence!   Its fun to pick on him!

But I digress ....   I had a wonderful time visiting my sister, miss her, and the grape jam came out wonderfully!  Nice- sweet / tart I had to break into one of my jars already!  what? you want my modified recipe?  oh, ok...   its really simple..  

June 28, 2013

Bill is feeling fine..  Thumbs up for the day!

Last night all I could smell through out our apartment was Buffalo Bone Marrow Soup  (By the way Buffalo tastes/smells very much like Beef). Here is a link to a site that has a lot of interesting facts about Bone Marrow - what it is and why its good for you.  ===> Bone Marrow site

The other day I made my Buffalo Bone Marrow soup and let it cook for 24 hours.  Some people may like to cook it longer, but Bill needed it ASAP- so 24 was all it was.  After I got done straining it, I poured the soup into ice cube trays and froze them.  (I got this idea from another persons blog, but I cant remember who)
So today, when I heated up my veggie soup for Bill to have for lunch, I popped 3 cubes of BBMS into the heating veggie soup.

I know some of you want to know what I made my soups out of.

Ok, Ok, I'll share! First you'll need to know that I rarely measure anything out.  I cook by eye, smell, taste.  So throw your shoulders back, take a deep breath and just have fun. (If you're going to heal naturally, you'll be doing a lot of home cooking!- No more fast food! so relax...it will be just fine!)

My Veggie Soup

(based on the "Gerson Therapy Cancer Soup")

Using my steel  stewing pot I put in the following
(now remember, you can add more or less depending on how much you want to make.  I make enough for 2 days- yielding about 4-5 servings of about 1 cup per serving)

  ::: remember all ingredients are organic:::
Wash all your vegetables first.  If organic leave the skins on, if not peel them first.

Add into the pot:

Stunning!  I can't even imagine living here!  PERFECT!!  The whole day was Perfect with my Billy by my side!  We honestly had no idea what/where we were or what we'd see so that made it even more special for Both of us.   

Roasted Beast

Start with a 5-8lb roast  (here I used an 8lb Sirloin Roast)
This will work for a smaller roast as well.
Start heating your oven to 500 degrees (Yes, really ! 500!)

Place the roast in a foil lined pan. (if there is any fat, fat side down)

 (Remember ALL of my ingredients are ORGANIC)

Sprinkle over the top of the roast :
a pinch of organic sea salt  
a good amount of freshly ground black pepper
Cover the roast with onion & garlic powder (it should look like you just patted the whole top with flour).

July 12, 2013

Well, Good Day to you!

Things here with us are fine.  Bill is acting "Normal" thou he's been this way all through this journey.  His MD said that he is just amazed that Bill looks and acts so good.  Most of his patients look and act "sick".  He said that he finds Bill "AMAZING"    But of COURSE!.. Its Bill!!!  

We did hear back from Bill's Naturopath Doctor (NP) and she said that from Bill's July 5th blood work up it looks like he is still stable& that she feels that his blood labs are still improving, even though its by 10th's of a point.  She went on to say that Bill is being "Very compliant! He is following supplemental protocol well"  but that he needs to drink more water! HA !  Told him so!  

Tomorrow we have an appointment with her, so I'll let yah all know if there is a change in Bill's protocol.   I believe she wants to start working on increasing his WBC (White Blood Cell) now that he's "stable"  I half expect the change to be another culinary challenge!
Watch...it will be something with LIVER!  Ewwww!    

HA! I hear you asking....  So, What was for dinner? Well last night we had leftover OSO BOCO (buffalo stew) but instead of using potatoes, I used quinoa.  It was different.  tasty.  Not pretty to eat... but it got the job done!    Yesterday was a real "OFF" day for me.  There should have been a flashing NEON sign telling me to stay out of the kitchen!   In the morning I almost cut the tip of my thumb off.  One of those nasty cuts that makes you shutter just remembering it!  It was one of my dumbest moves! No, I'm not going to fess-up online what I did...but it was dumb!   Then later while heating dinner up I decided to grab the cover off a pot on the stove with my bare hand..  Yah  I know... another brilliant move on my part! Burnt my other hand..  Bill told me that I was banned from the kitchen for the rest of the night.   Some days...things just don't flow.

Lets see... earlier this week we had Wild caught salmon with a yogurt & fresh Dill sauce.


Then we also had a buffalo ribeye steak with grilled tomatoes with melted goat cheese on top.  I had extra carrots & potatoes from our OSO BOCO so I put a very small amount of coconut oil in a skillet, added fresh ground pepper, onion & garlic powder and cooked them like homefries.

The artists gave all 3 of my muffins a thumbs up!
So here you go.  Remember to have fun and experiment!  

Basic-  Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Sin Free Organic  Muffins  

All ingredients are organic!  I'll try to give you measurements as I don't measure... You can do it!

2 cups Spelt Flour
1/2 cup Raw Brown Sugar (You can probably substitute the sugar with honey- I bet it would work!)
3 teaspoons-ish  Baking Powder (non aluminum)
pinch of Sea Salt
splash of Vanilla
1 Egg
1/3 cup of Flax Seed Oil (cold Pressed)
3/4 cup of either Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Apple Juice, Orange Juice or any mix of these together. 
Cook at 350 degrees for about 15 mins.  Check your stove, mine cooks HOT, so I have to adjust the temp and time.  Should make about 12 muffins.

Now the fun begins... what to put into the muffin mix?

Blueberry muffins- add about a cup of fresh or frozen blueberries

Blueberry, Cranberry,Orange muffins- 
Add 1/2 of Blueberries, 1/2 cup Cranberries (fresh or frozen is fine).
1 whole Orange- use a hand grater to grate all the "ZEST"  (peel) into the batter.
squeeze the remaining orange into a measuring cup, add Almond Milk to bring the liquid to 3/4 cup.

Apricot/Pear muffins- 
1 diced ripe Pear
1 diced ripe Apricot
3/4 cup of Apple Juice
when done, sprinkle with Natural Maple Sugar while they are still hot.

Dark Chocolate / Nectarine muffins-
Add into the muffin batter:
1/2 a bar of GOOD organic chocolate chopped into small pieces
1 ripe nectarine chopped into small pieces
after the muffins are done, drizzle melted chocolate over the muffin tops.

Lemon Poppy seed muffins-
1 Tablespoon of Poppy seeds
1 whole Lemon-use a hand grater to grate all the "ZEST" (peel) use the smallest size that you can and add this to the batter.
squeeze the remaining Lemon into a measuring cup, add Almond milk to bring the liquid to 3/4 cup.

By the way, lemon juice & milk (cow,goat) makes Buttermilk if you let it stand for 5 minutes before using.  I haven't tired making buttermilk with the coconut or almond milk yet.

If you want to dress up the top of your muffins, you can sprinkle them with raw sugar, brush them with honey, brush them with Orange Zest mixed with a little honey

So now its up to you to have fun adding your favorite fruits, nuts, berries to my basic muffin recipe.  :-)

Oh- Last Sunday Bill was asked to fill in for our Pastor who went away on a well deserved vacation.

The video below is Bill's sermon- 

​Kale & Avocado salad - for 2

This one is fun.
Wash and dry all the veggies.
Remove the stems from 7-10 leaves of kale
Slice the kale into thin strips.
a handful of watercress 
a handful of baby arugula

cut a lemon in half and squeeze one half over the greens. 

cut open a avocado - remove the pit - and peal the skin off 
put the avocado into the bowl with the greens..  Here comes the fun part- you may want to remove your rings (if you can).   

Squish the avocado into the greens with your hands..  (its like being a kid again!.. just this time your hands should be clean before playing with your food!)   Once the avocado is fully mashed into the greens you can start your hand cleaning process...  Lick away!

I added fresh (in season) strawberries and some blueberries.  You can add whatever you'd like actually.

You do not add any dressing to this salad.  Just eat it as is.  The avocado will give you all the oils you need.  

Anyway...   Here is a picture of our finished meal last night..

That's it for today.  2 more days before Bill's next blood test.
Keep your prayers going!


4 large potatoes (cut into quarters)
2 Med/Lg tomatoes (cut into quarters)
2 Lg Onions (ok, peel these and cut up)
4 or 5 good size Garlic cloves (peeled and cut up)
3 to 4 celery stocks (cut up)
3 or 4 carrots (cut up)
1/4 of a palm full of fresh crushed black pepper
a good handful of parsley (you don't have to cut these)
a small handful of Dulse sea weed (or as its called sea vegetable)
((( now with the sea weed, it will look weird, but just check it for pebbles or sea shells...then just toss it into the pot, you don't have to wash it.)))
sometimes I'll add a handful of raw cashews 

Fill your pot with water to the top of the vegetables - turn your stove to low and leave everything alone for 2 hours.  You'll want to check the water level from time to time to make sure that you still have enough water in the pot to cover the veggies as the water evaporates during the 2 hours of cooking.   Oh, and watch the sea weed when you put the water in...   It's ALIVE !!!  :-0   it will wiggle around as it absorbs the water.

After 2 hours of cooking, take the pot off the burner.  Spoon the water and veggies into your blender and blend away.

I've started to put these "ready" soups into glass canning jars vs plastic storage containers.  We'll have them at lunch and/or dinner.

My Bone Marrow Soup

(based on recipe given to me by Dr. Jody Noe)

Again, you'll want to use ORGANIC where ever possible.
Please note: Most beef at your grocery store is Not Organic even thou it may have been fed on grass, thats why I use Buffalo from "The Farmers Market" ... (Their last name is Farmer :-)   and they'll ship to you.. check out their website)  Their Buffalo is grass fed and no antibiotics etc etc.  Buffalo by nature are as organic as your going to get these days because ummm... they are not domesticated.  Of course if you know a hunter and can get wild deer/elk bones you can use these as well.   But for me, I'm using Buffalo.

Take 4 to 5 good size Buffalo leg bones and place them into your steel stewing pot.
2 lg Onions (peeled)
4-5 Garlic cloves
about a 1/2 a palm full of fresh crushed black pepper
a small palm full of dried Ashwaghdah Root
a small palm full of freshly grated ginger root

2 good size "glugs" of vinegar (what ever type you have- I used Organic cider vinegar - the bone marrow needs the acid in the vinegar to help break down the red marrow)

2 lg pieces of kombu (kelp) sea weed (unwashed but check for pebbles--watch out, they will get really big in the pot!)
a small handful of Dulse sea weed (unwashed but checked)

fill your pot to cover the bones and vegetables... set your burner to low and .... wait. for 24 hours or so.  You can go as long as you want, I've seen some recipes cooking as long as 72 hours.   You'll want to skim the fats off the top of the water every now and again. Oh!--I'll also take a chop stick and poke it into the middle of the bone to release the soft marrow while its cooking.  

 For me, I don't like going to bed knowing that I have a burner going or leaving the house (we have gas), so I'll cover my pot and place it in a cool place over night.   In the morning (5am-ish) I'll put the pot back on the burner and continue to cook.  This is a great time to skim the top as its become solidified on top.   I guess you can do this in a crockpot also.   Keep adding water so that the bones are covered.  

Important information:
If you start to REALLY SMELL your Buffalo Bone Marrow Soup from the other room of your home...It probably means that your water is almost all gone in your pot... RUN don't Walk to your stove, you're about to loose your soup!

When you've decided that you've smelled your BBMS cooking long enough, take the bones out and discard (or give them to your dog(s) after they've cooled).  Your going to need to strain the liquid through a metal sieve or cheese cloth.  Toss the solids and only keep the liquid.

You can drink the broth as it is or add it to other soups or gravies even.
save it in a glass jar or pour the liquid into ice cube trays and freeze for longer storage.


Tonights menu- 

Veggie soup w/ BBMS
4oz Buffalo burger cooked on the grill (no bun)
Steamed summer squash
Freshly cooked beets with a little chopped up onion/black pepper and vinegar
Black Beans with turmeric, black pepper, onions, garlic, cilantro
lets not forget our evening glass of wine...

Oh and Bill has been drinking at least 2-3  8oz glasses of fresh pressed green vegetables and 1 or 2  8 oz glasses of pressed carrot & green apple juice per day.    Our green drinks can contain any or all of the following- depends on whats in the fridg!
kale,romaine,bok choy, arugla, watercress, beet greens, green apple

Our next Blood test is July 5th.... Please keep your prayers going!
Tomorrow I'll try to fill in the blanks as to how we got on this path..
and then I'll update this page as I have more news or recipe requests to share.

If have any questions, you can contact me at:
ChristineCorey001@gmail.com  and I'll do my best to help out.
I can't answer any medical questions thou as I am not a doctor.

Dinner tonight- 
soup with Buffalo Bone Marrow Soup added
black beans
Buffalo rib eye steak
Green veggie drink

No wine for Bill until after we find out whats going on with his platelets.

I'll keep you posted!

July 22, 2013

Well, this morning Bill went to the hospital expecting to get a platelet infusion due to his low platelet count of 19 from last weds. Surprise Surprise!  It platelet count went up to 25!  No infusion today. 

from his CBC test- today
Normal CBC counts
WBC 1.4    -
WBC         4.5-10
RBC  3.75   - 
RBC          4.6-6.3
Platelets 25  +  
Platelets  140-440
ANC 0.34 +  
ANC          1.6-6.5
Neutrophils 23.6 +  
Neutrophils 32-70

Some other areas that were high are still coming down.. slowly. So this is all good.   I just wish I knew what was holding Bill's system back.  In any event, he looks great and feels great.

Dr Noe is on vacation this week, but she told us to start Bill on another 2 supplements this week.  Hoping that this will jump start his WBC, RBC and platelets.   We'll see !   

I did ask Dr Noe if I could share what Bill is taking for supplements etc etc and she agreed with my first thought, that its best that I don't share online since each person is different and we wouldn't want someone to take something that is not right for their body / condition.  Sorry.  I will suggest that you do find a Naturopathic Doctor thou to help you through your own personal journey.

The other thing that has helped me greatly (and Bill too) is our FAITH.  Our FAITH in that God can make anything happen.

Like I said earlier, if its our time to leave this world, then its our time and there is nothing that can change that fact.  I think thou that its not Bill's time just yet and so I pray a lot that God will work through me to help Bill heal.   My cooking (Nutrition), Juicing,  Keeping up with his supplements (putting them out for the day (30+) and reordering+ making sure he remembers to take them) and of course emotional support.  It is really hard to stay "UP" and positive each day, but its what we as caretakers have to do.

Tonights menu is Buffalo burgers on grilled portabella mushroom caps, salad, beans w/ Buffalo & Elk bone marrow soup and my veggie soup with more Buffalo & Elk bone marrow soup added to it.  I'm feeling a little board with our menu so I'll be thinking of What else I can come up with!  Stay Tuned!!    I have to admit... I have not started with the liver!   ick!

Stay tuned!

August 5, 2013

Just a quick update:   All is "steady as she goes"  August 9th Bill has lab work done and on August 10th, we see Dr. Noe.    The only notable thing that is sorta strange is that Bill's hands have a yellowish tinge to them.   I'm thinking... jaundice ?  but then I got to thinking... its just the palms of his hands, no where else..

So, I pondered this a little bit... what could turn him yellow?  AHH HA!   All the Carrot juice he's been drinking!   

He says he feels great, so I guess we'll just wait to see what his lab work shows.  If his Bilirubin changes, we'll know its not the carrots. So until Friday, thats all for now!    Oh wait!   Bill filled in for our pastor this past Sunday and gave the sermon.  For those of you who are not spiritual, I think you'll still find what he had to say interesting.     I'll post it as soon as he remembers where he put the camera disk!   C~

ps.   Thank you for all of your prayers!    God Listens!

July 18, 2013

Well, yesterday was not the best of days for Bill.  His stress level is starting to really show in his health.  He had blood work done yesterday, his normal CBC tests, as well as the new tests that Dr. Noe wanted done.   The CBC came in, but the numbers are not that great this time.  The other tests for Lead, Mercury, Copper etc all take up to 7 days before the results come back.  So on those, we'll have to be patient..  One of the secretaries from the hospital that did the blood draw was kind enough to call me and let me know that those results wouldn't be available until the middle of next week, but she'd fax it to me as soon as she gets it.   As for the CBC results...

from his CBC test- yesterday
Normal CBC counts
WBC 1.5    -
WBC         4.5-10
RBC  3.78   +
RBC          4.6-6.3
Platelets 19  -
Platelets  140-440
ANC 0.21   - 
ANC          1.6-6.5
Neutrophils 13.9 -
Neutrophils 32-70

And so...  this brings us back to where we are today...  eating healthy.  6/8th of our meals are organic vegetables,fruits,nuts/seeds, beans and no more than 4 oz of red meat   (for us Buffalo).

Everything we eat I've prepared... Like I said... to do this you've gotta like to cook or at least be willing to try to cook.

That should do it for today's entry!
Stay tuned !

Our snack bowl's  always available....

this was taken across from the sheep.

 In Loving Memory~

The other link is about your teeth.  I know, what? Teeth?  Yes your teeth..  read this link and make up your own mind if it makes sense or not.  Root Canal work  However,
be careful when having dental work if you have leukemia.  Some people develop Hyperplasia in their gums.  This has happened to Bill.  Its painful and there is nothing that can be done to make the pain go away or make the growth stop until the cancer / white cells start to come back down to normal.  

I'll start with today June 27th, 2013 and then I'll tell you how we got here.  I say "we" because my husband & I have been a team since we met... for good or bad... we'll always be a "team".  We don't know how this story will end, but we know that its the path that God wants us to follow.... and so we will....     TOGETHER!

We have refused the "traditional option of Chemo/Radiation and Bone Marrow Transplant".  We have decided that we want to "Heal" Bill's body by natural means rather than bring his body down further with chemicals.  (which by the way is what got him in this pickle in the first place! - more on that later) He says that he came into this world naturally and he wants to go out the same way, "Not Glowing" to use his words.  We have found that there is away to turn MDS around naturally but it depends on the person and how "bad is bad".

We've gone ORGANIC as much as we possibly can and eat lots and lots of vegetables. We have fruit, nuts/seeds & beans daily along with some meat at dinner-only Wild caught fish.- Elk, Deer and Buffalo -mostly Buffalo because Bill needs the red meat as part of his protocol.   NO CORN as its mostly all been GMO'ed, heck most of the food at the grocery store has been altered.  Here are a couple of links to read about: GMO's Corn.

Here is another site that I would ask you all to check out.  Its called Just label it. They are trying to get Washington to make anyone who uses, creates, sells genetically modified food to LABEL it!  Please consider signing up.  We did. Just Label It.

Our story is "Our Story" please do not mistake my writings and opinions as the protocol you should follow. Each of our stories are different and each of us require different treatments.

I guess this is the part I have to be careful of and to state that we are traveling this path under the supervision of a Naturopathic Doctor, who has written a book on Naturopathic Oncology and we also have a Hematologist / Oncologist Doctor following along as well.

 Please consult a Healthcare provider for diagnosis, and/or treatment. Please consult with your  health care provider before taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by me or anyone on this site. Only your health care provider can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical history.

Am I starting to sound like one of those drug commercials? "Here's the cure... but oh wait, for the next 3 minutes you'll hear all the side effects that can/will occur so that we won't be liable for anything !" I think you get my point. Basically, you are in control of your health.  You need to decide what is best for you.

We begin: June 27, 2013

My husband was apprehensive this morning because he was going to the hospital today to have his blood work done and then have an infusion of platelets.  When he got the lab results back, to our surprise, his platelet count had gone up (not by much, but enough) so he did not need to have the infusion.  He was so happy that when he called me,
I could hear tears in his voice! 

I'll try not to get too technical, but for those of you who have MDS or know someone who does and that's why you're reading this, or you just like numbers... I'll supply some of his lab #'s.  
What is MDS? 

Data from his CBC test- June 27, 2013        Normal CBC counts
WBC 1.7                                         WBC         4.5-10
RBC  3.66                                        RBC          4.6-6.3
Platelets 21                                     Platelets   140-440
ANC 0.30                                        ANC          1.6-6.5
Neutrophils 17.3                               Neutrophils  32-70

Three days ago (June 24, 2013) they were at:
WBC 1.6
RBC 3.63
Platelets 20
ANC 0.18
Neutrophils 11.2

So what changed in 3 days?  I started Bill on Buffalo bone Marrow Soup-(BBMS).  I added the BBMS to my veggie soup - yup! combined two different soups together!

Came out wonderfully!  Bill says its my cooking that is keeping him going!

My veggie soup was based on the "Gerson Therapy Cancer Soup" and we increased some of Bill's supplements as well.

Here is where I have to give a big shout out to Keira & Brian Farmer at Yankee Farmers Market in Warner NH.  If it wasn't for their Buffalo's  I'm not sure we could have done this! 

Place your roast into the over for 20 mins @ 500 degrees
then turn your oven down to 350 degrees for 20 minutes.
Its at this point you'll want to perhaps shorten the cook time depending on the size of the roast.  No matter what size roast, if you like your "Roast Beef" rare like deli meat rare, you'll want your meat thermometer to read 118-120 degrees.  Once it gets to this point, take the roast out and place a foil tent over it and let it rest for 15-20 mins.    

This will give you a PERFECT rare ROAST BEAST Roast.  If you like your meat more well done, just leave it in a bit longer.


I'll give you some more of my creations when I get back...

((Its our 10th Wedding Anniversary and Bill is taking me away for a couple of days- He won't tell me where, its a surprise!  He's planned the whole thing..!!!  Too fun!))  -- See yah!  Christine~

December 13, 2013

Hello all!  Well, Bill had his lab work done last week (sorry it took so long to post) things are still going at the same pace.. which is now 3 steps forward and 1 back.  But its forward just the same :-)  For those number crunchers here you go!

Dec 8, 2013
Nov 4, 2013
Normal CBC counts
WBC  1.8 
WBC 1.8
WBC         4.5-10
RBC   3.67  
RBC  3.69
RBC          4.6-6.3
Platelets 22
Platelets 21   
Platelets   140-440
ANC 0.28
ANC 0.37 
ANC          1.6-6.5
Neutrophils 16
Neutrophils 21
Neutrophils  32-70


So, what happened between his Dec lab work and Nov?  Well, he stopped the chelation therapy- he did that for 2 months time for a break, its hard on your system...and he has a slight infection in his gums. (needed more vit-C) His immune system is trying to fight the infection.  I've got him on golden seal, CoQ10, Vit C and swishing (not swallowing) Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.  Its working!   (make sure you use the Food Grade 3% peroxide and not the stuff in the brown bottles for a $1.00    Bill's been doing really well.  While we were on the phone with Dr. Noe, I out and out asked her... Is Bill going to die from where he is with this MDS.?  Her response was, "We are all going to die someday, however, Bill is NOT going to die from the MDS.  He's slowly improving and so long as he's feeling fine...  Life is Good!"   I asked her... "So Bill can plan 5+ years out into the future?" She said that she didnt see why he shouldnt/couldnt.  :-)

As for Bill's immune system, I just have to be on top of anything that starts to happen so I can administer whatever I have to to cure the issue.  So Far So Good!  Yesterday Dec 12, Bill woke up not feeling well. Fever of 93.5 (the day before I had a 24 hr bug..just sniffles and achy)  He wanted to go to work, I made him stay home, bundled up in his favorite chair, fed him herbal teas and he slept most of the day. His stomach was feeling queezy so I gave him some Po Chi (Chinese herbs- link==>> Po Chi  Great stuff, I've been using it for over 20 yrs! its used for food poisoning, upset stomach, hangovers..who said that?)
within about 20 mins his tummy issues were gone.  By early evening his temp was normal.  :-)    This morning he woke up feeling right as rain!

Bottom line.. We are doing fine.  Oh, someone was wondering where Bill took me for our 10th Anniversary.  We went to Burlington, Vermont for the weekend (We've never ventured up that way).  We went exploring and found a wonderful place.  Shelbourne Farm  We had NO idea what this place was.  We simply were told it was a MUST by the chef of the B&B we went to in shelbourne.  So off we went.  We parked the car at the visitor center and began to walk.  The rolling pastures and woodlands were so beautiful, Bill and I talked, laughed..and kept walking!  We came to the "Barns" first.. OMG!  Thats the B A R N ?

Beans are shut off and cilantro is being added.

Sauteed Mushrooms 

Last night I used a combination of Organic Baby Portabella , Blue oyster & Shiitake mushrooms.  (I've actually inoculated an oak stump out in the woods with Blue oyster mycelium- hopefully I'll have my first crop by this fall.)
In a small frying pan add:
5 pcs of an all natural- uncured - fully cooked bacon (yup the skinny stuff, try to find a bacon that has no nitrites or nitrates, no antibiotics, no growth promotants)

add in the mushrooms (wash and cut off the ends -  slice them up)
add a few shakes of organic onion & garlic powder

add a couple spoonfuls of Buffalo Bone Marrow soup if you have that cooking on the stove

add the last few sips of your glass of red wine (if you're not drinking it yet...what are you waiting for?  Go on... ! )

put on low heat to simmer (about 6 minutes )   Turn off and wait for the meat to finish cooking.

Some of his other numbers are still stable.  Bill has an appointment at the hospital for a platelet infusion on Monday (4 days from now).  If his platelets are under 20 they will give him an infusion.  If they are 20 or above, they will not.  So... I'm trying to get them to boost up. He's agreed to stay away from any chemicals that he MIGHT be TEMPTED to use during the course of his day.   I'm just chomping at the bit (as the saying goes) waiting to see the results from the other labs.    I just have a feeling that we are missing something.  Bill is just too healthy in every other aspect to have MDS.   Yesterday he worked a 11 hour day, lifting, moving, climbing ladders, crawling around on his knees.    AND his labs are suggesting that he's SICK.. ok......    Even after that type of work day, he was physical tired but he was still revved and ready to go when he got home.

July 3, 2013

A Thumbs up day for Bill.  Though last night he had a bloody nose for no reason that we could figure out. However, we were encouraged because it stopped almost as suddenly as it had come on.  ((must mean he has an increased number of blood platelets otherwise it wouldn't have stopped so quickly.))          

I have to say that its not always easy being the caregiver.  Thou Bill has been a pretty good patient, it is a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of the caregiver. From making sure that his supplements are ready for the day, that there is enough bone marrow soup prepared ahead of time so that I don't have to be cooking it EVERY day, to making sure there is enough veggies & fruit in the house.   Then comes the creative part of making the meals interesting and enjoyable.   I did have to get on Bill's back a bit though.  Its that old saying, "You can bring a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."...Nor can you get him/her to cross the brook if they don't want to either! (I know this for a fact!!)  I digress ....     I would have all of Bill's supplements ready for his morning, noon, evening meals, but do you think I could get Bill to remember to take them?   So we had "The" chat.  "I can only do so much for you", "You've got to take ownership of your Healing process" "I can't do this all on my own"  I'm sure you get my point.. He did as well.   He's doing better in remembering to take his supplements without me holding them out for him.

The other thing that you'll want to keep a heads up on is making sure that you purchase/order your supplements in time.  If you're ordering them online, make sure that you give yourself enough time for shipments to be delivered on time (ie..before you run out!)

I've had more requests for my recipes so here is what we had last night.

Black beans
Buffalo tenderloin w/ sauteed mushrooms
Kale & avocado salad

Black Beans

(we have these at just about every meal)

1- 25 oz can of vegetarian organic black beans (you can do this from scratch)

about a teaspoon of Turmeric  (remember, I don't measure)
about a 1/2 of teaspoon of fresh grated black pepper
about a good palm full of freshly chopped onion
oh, about 4-6 garlic cloves- chopped

If you have any Buffalo Bone Marrow soup cooking on the stove, add a little into the beans as well (about 3 tablespoons?--play with it) Or if you have the BBMS frozen cubes, add 3 of them into the beans.

Did I mention that you should put all of the above into a pan so that you can simmer it on the stove?... This would be a good thing to do!

After the beans have simmered and most of the liquid has evaporated and or soaked into the beans, turn the beans off.  Add to the warm beans a good handful of freshly chopped cilantro.    

If you need to reheat the beans before serving, this is fine.   These beans tastes great warm or cold.  (Cold beans?.. why not?)  Remember we are playing here!

December 18, 2015

Merry Christmas!

We are still hanging in there!  

We decided that we wanted to be more aggressive with this Leukemia.  Bill is going for Vitamin C IV infusions twice a week.   50grams of Vitamin C each time.   Dr Bier has given him a whole shopping bag of new 
supplements .

With the exception of Bill's tooth that he had pulled giving him a hard time, I think he's responding to the IV's.   His blasts have stabled, we'll know more tomorrow.  I guess the thing with the Infusions is that it takes a little bit of time before you start to see results in the blood work.  It doesnt happen with a snap of the finger (Darn!)   Bill's red cells have declined which is not good, but with the new supplements this hopefully will be corrected.   Right now I just wish that Bill would relax and let his body heal.   Anyone who has met Bill knows that this most likely is a task that I will fail with.  Bill Relax?  Not likely!   

Other than that we are staying the course.. running our store, Loving each other and when we get the chance Grammy & Grampa time with our grandson Zack. 

Bill & I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas & pray that this New Year will be filled with laughter, smiles and Lots of LOVE!  


If you have any questions or comments on any of my recipes or what I'm did  for Bill, please do not hesitate to contact me at: christinecorey001@gmail.com 

~Christine Corey

June 29, 2013

Another Thumbs up day for Bill.  He's feeling fine and doing one of his favorite things...   All together now....  ""He's at an AUCTION""

I've been asked to tell our story from the beginning..

I'll try to give you the short version!

In February 2013 I noticed that when Bill cut himself that the cut would take much longer to heal than normal and it would always look like it was all red and infected...  I made a comment about how I didnt think this was good and suggested he see a doctor about it. Of course, like most men I got the stock answer.... " yah, yah, I don't have time"

May 2013 rolls around and Bill develops a swelling inside of his nose.  Then his nose starts to turn all red and puffy (fodder for a few jokes!)  He started to complain that his eye was feeling sore, and the lymph glands in his neck (all on the same side) were enlarged. I suggested again that he see a doctor...  "Yah yah..."     Finally around the 15th of May he goes to see a doctor who thinks he has a staff infection and gives him a prescription for Bactrim.  Bill takes this for 4 days along with a lot of ibuprofen for the pain...still no relief.   I said that he needed to go to the emergency room to have this checked out..  "Yah ..Yah"...   towards the end of that day, Bill was in so much pain that he went back to the doctors office and the doctor told him that he thought Bill should go to the emergency room.   OH !!!  You'll never guess what happened next....  Bill called me to tell me ... "Honey, the doctor said that I should go to the emergency room... we need to go!!"     (I think you can guess what I was thinking at that moment!)     

Off to the emergency room we go.  Bill wants to go into the exam room alone, so I sat in the waiting room for about an hour and a half wondering what in the heck is taking so long...  Just give him a shot of something strong and lets get going..   Finally someone comes out and asks me to join Bill in the exam room...   (Oh, this can't be good!)   I find him hooked up to an IV and Bill looking like someone took his bike away from him.    They were giving him an infusion of vancomycin to treat the infection (a 2 hour IV drip).  We didnt know it at the time but Bill had Cellulitis.  Here is the definition of Cellulitis.
By Mayo Clinic staff
Cellulitis (sel-u-LI-tis) is a common, potentially serious bacterial skin infection. Cellulitis appears as a swollen, red area of skin that feels hot and tender, and it may spread rapidly.

Skin on lower legs is most commonly affected, though cellulitis can occur anywhere on your body or face. Cellulitis may affect only your skin's surface, or cellulitis may also affect tissues underlying your skin and can spread to your lymph nodes and bloodstream.

Left untreated, the spreading infection may rapidly turn life-threatening. That's why it's important to seek immediate medical attention if cellulitis symptoms occur. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Remember I said that I had been trying to get him to see a doctor... Yah,,,ok...  moving right along.....

While Bill was having his IV infusion there at the hospital the ER doctor thought it would be good to have a CBC blood panel done while he was there...  When the lab results came back the ER doctor said that Bill couldn't go home.    For Real?  Why?..

The doctor said (and showed us) the Lab results shows that Bill basically has zero immune system.  His bone marrow is being suppressed.  He didnt know  if it was being suppressed because of the Cellulitis, a drug reaction ??? he didnt know but said that Bill was in too high of a risk to leave the hospital.

So, this is where our journey began..  From going into an emergency room to get some medication for Bill, to...Life threatening issues!   He felt fine except for his face.. He wasn't tired, feeling ill...nothing..  he felt like his normal self..  only someone was now telling him that he was seriously ill.

After Bill was done with his infusion of medication for the Cellulitis, I drove him that night to a larger hospital where he was admitted to the oncology wing.

::: I need to say here that all of the doctors, nurses, technicians from all the Dr's offices, and hospitals who worked with Bill were all super! ::::: 

Bill settled in to spend his very first night ever in a hospital.  He was poked several times throughout the night (Blood work).   In the morning the dr's were still very concerned about his lab results..

After 4 days in the hospital and 3 more infusions of vancomycin as well as a couple injections of medication to jump start his bone marrow, his lab results showed that he was still not out of the woods, but if he was careful he could go home.  His blood counts were still very very low, but they wanted to see if given a little time, the counts would come back on their own (drug reaction).

A week later Bill went back to the hospital to have another blood test.  It was worse than before.  So the doctor scheduled Bill for a bone marrow biopsy.   The results were positive for Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS).  We were told that he was a 4.5 High risk on the assessment chart.    The doctors told Bill that he had only one option.  Chemo / Radiation and bone marrow transplant.  They said that there was NO cure of MDS and that he basically had about a year (maybe) before the MDS moved to into Acute Leukemia  at which time that would be it.   
We needed time to digest all of this....  so we went home.

What do you do when all of a sudden your life has been so completely altered?   For us, we held on to each other and cried.  "this is NOT how it was supposed to end!"    Not to Bill.   Bill is our super hero!  Man of Steel... Nothing ever effects Bill !  And here we are faced with this diagnosis.   We turned to our faith in God that everything would be as it should.   If its God's will that Bill is to heal, then he will be healed.  If not, then ....  it's Bill's time to leave us.

I told Bill once that we all have an expiration date.  We just don't turn our cereal box around to see what that date is!  His box just got knocked over... we can see that there is a date printed there, but we just cant make it out.   And so, we decided that we would take each day as it was given to us.   "Are we ok for today?"   So far our answer has been "Yes".

We were still pretty sad, but we had planned to have our kids over for a family get together.So we put on our brave faces and tried to enjoy the kids company.   It was during that night at the dinner table that something pretty strange happened.   My son mentioned to Bill that while he was in his body building, food Nazi mode he had  come across a website that was about the "Gerson Therapy" ===> Gerson Link  its principles are based on if you eat right, your body can heal itself.    

I was half way through our dinner when I felt this warmth come over me (no it wasn't my wine!)... it has happened twice before in my lifetime and I felt as if a weight had been lifted off of me.  I knew then that everything was going to be ok.  Bill was going to make it through this.... some how...

It was the next morning when Bill woke up that he said to me... "Chrissy, I had something happen last night that was really strange.."  and he proceeded to tell me about this sense of "Calm" he felt while he was at the dinner table.  He said that he was thinking about the Gerson Therapy and "Helping to Heal the body" vs destroy it with medications and chemicals.    I told him that I had the same feeling and exchanged what I felt.   So it was from that moment that we knew that there was not going to be any chemo etc for Bill.

From the link above we were able to figure out how to start the Gerson Therapy.  We did everything that they suggested as far as the food goes.  13 glasses of freshly pressed vegetables & fruits, it was basically going Vegan in the snap of your fingers.  (oh and lets not forget the coffee enemas !  Bill only had 3 of those per day for 2 weeks.)     I had been giving Bill fish oil, D3 and other immune builders along with the Gerson diet.   In the first 2 weeks Bill dropped 25 lbs.   I did this diet with him because I just didnt feel right having a my glass of wine, smoking my cigar and then having a small steak in front of him.   So I joined him.  

Talk about the worst detox you can imagine!  Cold turkey on everything!    This diet is NOT for sissy's !!    in joining Bill I lost 18 lbs in 2 weeks.  Yet I was eatting so many fresh vegetables that I was full all the time.   Yet something else happened.    I noticed that my restless leg syndrome had stopped.   I mean STOPPED completely.   All my aches and pains were gone too!   I felt wonderful.   So I decided to remove myself from the only medication I was taking, My thyroid medication.  (my thyroid is/was sluggish).

Now please don't just go cold turkey taking yourself off of your meds just because I did.  Do this with extreme caution and/or with your healthcare provider following along with you...    

 On with My story...
My heart had been skipping beats for about a year but I never went on any medication for it.... yet...  Now, its beating normally!    and I'm still loose weight.   I feel great..  My family says that I look great... Who Knew!...  just by eatting non contaminated real foods your body can heal itself.  its almost too easy!  Of course if everyone ate this way, there would be no McDonald's or Wendy's (of which we will NEVER go to again!)  The pharmaceutical, health insurance, fast food, etc .. companies would all but go out of business because people would not be getting sick!...  scary yes?

Just after our 2 weeks on Gerson I knew that I needed more help for Bill.  The Gerson Institute said that they didn't have a good success rate in curing MDS, and that they wouldnt want Bill to come to one of their clinics because they were afraid that Bill would have a problem if he cut himself due to his extremely low platelet count.

But I thought we needed to start somewhere with healing Bill's system (and mine), so that is why we went with the Gerson Therapy at home, in the beginning, but now I needed more help, so I called my sister in law who works with Naturapath doctors and she told me To call the Biologic Integrative Healthcare.  It was there that we found Dr. Jody Noe.  I called their office and by God's grace they had an open appointment for the very next day to speak with Dr. Noe who studies oncology.  (Just by chance)...or was it?  Thank you Lord!

When we met her we were instantly put at ease.  She told Bill that the people to really get MDS are hair stylists.  Why? from all of the chemicals that they work with each day.   We feel that Bill caused the MDS himself.  He worked with a product called "Howard's Restorer" and it contains Benzine.   Benzine is known to cause MDS .      

The Dr Noe said that she has cured MDS and in some cases or keep it in check.   (of course all of this depends on how advanced your MDS is)  In Bill's case, because he is otherwise in excellent health, she feels that we can turn this around for him.

She said that she knew of the Gerson Therapy and one of her patients has gone to their clinic, but that for Bill, he need to move beyond Gerson. 

We are still using some of the juices from the Gerson days..green drinks( tastes and smells like the stuff you scrape off the bottom of your lawn mower!) & carrot/apple juice (my fav).  She also added more supplements (I would love to tell you which ones, but I'm afraid of liability issues since my page is open to the internet world..)  and for him to eat RED meat.. (Oh thank God!  I'm a meat eater and my body was just screaming for red meat!.I tried to go Vegan... its just not me...  I was joking that if you saw a cow walking by that had a big hunk missing from it.... I did it! ).

(c) Yankee Farmers Market

 We were just being goofy in the back yard.

I won't show you all our pictures, so if you decide to find this place on your own, you'll have moments like we did.  I will say though, we decided that we WILL spend at least one weekend there this summer.  Yes!!, its now an Inn !  click on the link I gave you above. Our walking tour took us about 8 miles in total.  ALL WORTH IT!

Well I guess that's all for now.  In these next few days I've got to convert our favorite Christmas Cookies into "Good Christmas Cookies"
I'll let you know how that turned out!  Until then...
Bill and I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas filled with laughter and bright memories! Thank you all for your prayers!
And for those who just found this page and have MDS... YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

God Bless!

January 8, 2014

Hello Everyone!

We have good news today from the results of Bill's Blood work Jan 6, 2014  We've been a little concerned that Bill's kidneys have not been working all that great based on his blood work.

But Mondays tests show that his kidney function now appears to be within the normal range.  Yippy!   We've been working on this aspect since last June!   Phew!    I'm hopeful that now that his kidneys are working correctly, everything else will start to fall into line a bit better now. 

Here are his numbers:

Jan 6, 2013
Dec 8, 2013
Normal CBC counts
WBC  1.9
WBC 1.8
WBC         4.5-10
RBC   3.58  
RBC  3.67
RBC          4.6-6.3
Platelets 19 
Platelets 22
Platelets   140-440
ANC 0.33 
ANC 0.28 
ANC          1.6-6.5
Neutrophils 17.3
Neutrophils 16
Neutrophils  32-70


So we are doing some of the same things.. 3 steps forward, 1 back ` But still forward.   Bill is feeling great, looks great, acts great!  I was the one who got sick!  I guess I caught the flu from somewhere.. (3 days of a fever bouncing from 96.7 - 101)  No, I did not, nor am I planning on getting a flu shot!  No way, Nut-ah, Not happening!   I just kept bundled up, drank lots of Thyme tea (great for coughs- Its so simple, tastes good too.  just a some fresh or dry thyme into some boiling water, let it steep, and drink).. I drank lots of water and ate fruits.  and slept.  I simply let me body do what it was intended to do.- heal itself.   A fever is part of that process.   The fever "cooks" the virus or bacteria that is causing the problem.   When we "knock out the fever" with drugs, we've shut down our bodies natural defenses.  Of course, if you have a wicked high fever for a long period of time, I would strongly urge you to contact your Dr.
I also slept on the sofa so that I would not be breathing on Bill all night long.    I'm feeling much better now.  Bill NEVER GOT IT!   

so what else is up with us?

I will say, its been much harder to find organic fresh Fruits veggies, but I guess we have to expect that if we are to find our fruits and veggies "in season"   the only season we have going on right now is "Arctic Chill Season!"  Its been SOOOOO cold here in Sunapee, even the birds are too cold to fly to the bird feeder!

So its Root veggie soups for lunch-- which is fine, because we happen to enjoy them!

Thats all for now.. No new cooking ideas (well, I do really, but I cant tell you right now!... giggle)--- OH Oh.. I heard you ask about my Christmas cookie conversions...  I'll say that I only made 2 different cookie.   The Spritz came out really great!  The second was a batch of peppermint candy cane cookies... they were beyond a total flop.   They were so bad that we tossed the entire batch..  E-yuck !  LOL

Take care and thank you all for your continued prayers and words of encouragement!


February 3, 2014

Come on Spring!  Sorry snow lovers... But I'm done with snow and the cold!

Things are still going well here with Bill and his MDS.  Still trending in the right direction.  It will be a year soon that our journey started- how time flies!.

Today when Bill went to have his blood work done the Doctors at the hospital were amazed that he's doing so well.  This past month has been beyond crazy for us.  Bill has been going Non-Stop.   I told him that he's burning his candle at both ends and that this month we've just got to slow down and take some time to let our bodies recoup!

For our number crunchers out there....

Feb 3, 2014
Jan 6, 2013
Normal CBC counts
WBC  1.8
WBC 1.9
WBC         4.5-10
RBC   3.72
RBC  3.58 
RBC          4.6-6.3
Platelets 23 
Platelets 19
Platelets   140-440
ANC 0.27   
ANC 0.33
ANC          1.6-6.5
Neutrophils 15.5
Neutrophils 17.3
Neutrophils  32-70


Bill's ANC and Neutrophils are lower this month, but given the stress he's been under these past few weeks, me catching the flu, (which had me on the sofa for 4 days with a low grade fever and a cough that lasted a few weeks-  HE NEVER caught it !!!)  People all around us sniffling, sneezing, coughing... .and the list goes on!..   I said to Bill, your immune system is working as hard as it can, given that he doesn't have much of an immune system to start with!     

OH, if you're wondering why I was down with a low grade fever for 4 days, its because I let my body do what its meant to do!  The fever is your bodies was of fighting the "bug", the flu, virus etc etc..  My fever bounced between 96.3-101   Nothing huge, I just felt yucky.   So you don't have to run to reduce your fever...  If your body says..."Hello.. I'm tired, you really should lay down for a bit!"  You really should listen to what your body is trying to tell you.  :-)

All in all....there is only one thing to do!!!....  
Its getting that time where Bill and I seek sunshine.... just sayin..  :-)

On a different note... if you're wondering whats happened with all my recipes, I've been storing them up!  :-)

Thats it for now...  Next update on Bill will be sometime around mid March 
I'm checking into a few ideas... if they pan out, I'll post them for you.

Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes!

March 14, 2014

Well, I have good news!   The lab work came back. We've been on a little vacation time, During our "time away from home" Bill just couldn't stay with the protocol we had established for him.  Let's face it, Protocols, Vacation? Really?...   So we decided to use this "time off" as a test of sorts.   If Bill didn't take all his supplements and ONLY eat organics while we were away, what would his blood levels look like?  Can his body hold its own with a reduced protocol for a few weeks or will it fall apart....  And the answer is....   Not only did Bill hold his own, many of his numbers came up!  Wooo-Hooo !

One of Bill's Dr's at Dartmouth told him today that while he is still considered to have acute MDS, however, he is very stable and doing great.   ((Bill keeps challenging him to a foot race to the parking lot!))   His Dr said to Bill "You chose the right protocol for you.  If you had gone with the protocol we suggested your out come would have been dire."   To me that was a WOW moment! Bill told the Dr that it was all due to me. (( I can hear you all saying "Awwww"))   The Dr also said that he (Dr) should write a paper on Bill.  I don't know if he really will or not...

The Dr told Bill to keep up what he's been doing and to live a normal life.  He now only wants to see Bill every 2 months for blood work.   This is really great news.  

So, everything that we've been doing is working AND Bill's own system is holding his own as well!

We have added papaya to his diet.  I don't know if this had anything to do with his numbers coming up, as we've only been doing this for 2 weeks.  I'll be adding organic papaya leaf extract to his protocol as soon as it arrives.  ((Thank you to Tayfun from Turkey for this heads-up)).   We have to rely on papaya leaf extract vs fresh papaya juice because...  well...  Last I looked I don't see any papaya trees sticking out of the snow banks here in New Hampshire USA.  :-O  this morning it was a whomping ZERO outside!

Papaya appears to be increasing Red,White and Platelet levels.   I figured it would'nt hurt to try it!   

For my number crunchers... Here are his #'s

Mar 14, 2014
Feb 3, 2014
Normal CBC counts
WBC  2 
WBC 1.8
WBC         4.5-10
RBC   3.79
RBC  3.72
RBC          4.6-6.3
Platelets 22
Platelets 23
Platelets   140-440
ANC 0.37 
ANC 0.27
ANC          1.6-6.5
Neutrophils 17
Neutrophils 15.5
Neutrophils  32-70

I realize that many of Bill's number are still low, but from where we started, This is a Sun shining, Birds Singing, Green Grass growing (under the snow)... type of moment!

That's it for now...  I'll keep you posted on how we are doing.  Next blood work will be in May some time.   THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR CONTINUED PRAYERS and know that those folks who have contacted me, we pray for you each day too!

For those who have just found my blog...      KEEP the FAITH!!!    Be Strong...   
             There is another way!

May 16th, 2014


Its been 2 months since Bill's last blood test.  What a thrill to see some of his stubborn numbers pop up!  Thank you again goes out to Tayfun for her input about papaya leaf extract or juice.  I think that is what really helped to pumped up Bill's white cells, platelets, ANC and Neutrophils!  That and the fact that we knew this would take up to two years to fix.  It looks like Bill's body is really coming around.  He still feels great, looks great and acts....well...  Great!  :-)

May 16, 2014Mar 14, 2014 
Normal CBC counts
WBC  2.7 
WBC         4.5-10
RBC   3.34 
RBC  3.79 
RBC          4.6-6.3
Platelets 40
Platelets 22
Platelets   140-440
ANC 0.67
ANC 0.37 
ANC          1.6-6.5
Neutrophils 25
Neutrophils 17
Neutrophils  32-70


We started low dose of the papaya leaf because I wanted to make sure that Bill would not have a reaction to it.   So.. steady she (he) goes!!    All Bill's Dr's are very pleased with this forward movement.   Big smiles today!!

September 19, 2014

Its been a while since I've written.  A lot has happened this past summer.  We added a huge addition to our store that has been most stressful to both Bill and myself.  Because of all the stress, it has caused Bill to leap into full blown Acute Leukemia (ACL).  It was very scary to get this dx from his doctors.   They told Bill that he needed chemo right away.  He has continued to be resolve in his belief that his body can heal itself so he is refusing chemo.

We have gone back to our original protocol of juicing (green drinks) every hour for 10 hours a day.  I've added broccoli (4 heads) and red cabbage to his drinks because I've read that the sulforaphane in these vegetables actually kill leukemia cells. (We'll see).   

Bill had a blood test on Monday  and another just yesterday (3 days apart) and his immune system numbers have INCREASED.  I think this is encouraging since leukemia brings your immune system down.

Sept 18, 2014
May 16, 2014
Normal CBC counts
WBC  3.5 
WBC 2.7
WBC         4.5-10
RBC   3.34
RBC  3.34 
RBC          4.6-6.3
Platelets 44
Platelets 40
Platelets   140-440
ANC 0.70
ANC 0.67
 ANC          1.6-6.5
Neutrophils 20
Neutrophils 25
Neutrophils  32-70

How is Bill feeling?  Physically he has is moments of a queezy stomach, but I think its nerves.  He sometimes feels tired and not much energy (this might be from all the hard - heavy work we did to re populate our new store), but after he has the first two green drinks in the morning and something to eat, he perks right up and seems to feel fine.

How is Bill emotionally, well, he has his moments there too.  He still believes that if God wants him to "come home" now, he's fine with that and if its not his time, then God will help his body rid itself of the Leukemia.  We are 100% convinced that the reason for the shift into leukemia was the stress of the making the new building.

Moral of the story if you have MDS ...  DO NOT OVER STRESS YOUR BODY OR MIND!!!

This is where we are right now.
So.. its lots of green drinks, slowing down - smelling the roses as it were, getting rest, NO SUGAR, getting to bed by 10pm and lots of smiles for each other and an ever growing compost pile!

With Gods help and our determination we can turn things around.

Bill has another test Monday (Sept 22), I'll let yah know how that goes.


October 6, 2014

Well, guess what!  We've slowed the blasts down! He was at 30 blasts, now he's at 29.  We'll take it!

And all with just the green drinks. The Oncology Dr called and said he was sorry for scaring us, but it "appears" that Bill is now stable.

 Dr Noe (Naturopath Dr) is thinking that because he is not acting like a typical Leukemic patient, he may not really have Leukemia.  (( If it quacks like a duck... Oh wait! .. he's chirping like a sparrow!))

So for those that want to try this green drink out here you go... it tastes pretty good too.  I know this sounds way to simple...  Wait What? reversing Leukemia with just vegetables?   I know.. go figure!  this will make enough for the whole day.  take an 8 oz glass every hour until its all gone.  (kinda like the Gerson idea) 

4 heads of broccoli
3 heads of romaine lettuce
1 green pepper
3 granny smith apples
1 lg bag of carrots
a large handful of beet greens
a large handful of kale
1 med beet
1 pear
1 baby boc choy
1/4 head of red cabbage

of course all of this is with using organic products.

I also found another thing to try to get his Vitamin-C intake level higher. I've been reading about the mineral and VitaminC IV infusions, and then that got me thinking that there must be away to give Bill a better way to get move C into his system instead of the "normal" chewables, or capsules.  I Found it!    I'll give you the link to what I'm doing below.  However, we are just trying it right now.  I'll have to report later on if it is working out for us.   Please remember, these things I sharing with you are what WE are doing, it may or may not work for you.  Only you know what feels right to try for yourself.  :-)

One thing that I have noticed with this Lipo-VitaC that Bill is now taking, his gums (around his teeth) for the past year, I'd say, have been loose.  Bill says its like having baggy socks around his teeth, they keep falling down!   After a week with this intense Vita-C drink, his gums are starting to tighten back up.    This is all good!  

I was going to wait to give you the link, but in so many ways it may be of some help to you all.  I'm even doing this (I'm taking less than Bill is), just to keep my Immune system in top notch for this coming winter.  Oh and I am making the Apple juice version.  Without the apple its truly like drinking soggy cardboard..Plaaah!

So here's the link
Lipo Vita-C
Its from Living Herbal Farmacy.  He has videos to follow.  If you order from them, you'll want to go back to reference the videos since the product is delivered without any instructions. 

Our Journey with MDS

My husband has high risk Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS)-

I'm putting our story out onto the internet at the request of our family, friends & customers.  This is the beginning of our story,
I'll update our story and you'll have to scroll down to the bottom to see the latest update.
I realize that if you've found my blog its because either you or a loved one has been diagnosed with MDS or Leukemia.  
Please do read our story, but you want info fast..Now... Right NOW!  I'm going to share a couple links that I think are important for you.  The First is to the Cancer Tutor.  Read their home page, then at the top enter MDS and or Leukemia   You'll find what you are looking for.  Promise!    :::: UPDATE 5/10/2018    Do continue reading, but since the time that I created this blog, I have come across something that I have seen very good results with in dealing with "the C word"  Please feel free to contact me for the information, christinecorey001@gmail.com

We have our daughters wedding this weekend and Bill will go for another blood test on the following Monday, I'll report back then.   This test will show (I hope) something by have the Vita-C going for the prior week.

Don't underestimate the power of your own Body!
Have Faith in what your body is telling you.

And to quote my dad.... "there is more than one way to skin a cat!"  

Bill and my way is to heal naturally....even if the AMA Doc's are saying there is NO cure for MDS or Cancer...
(( They are starting to change their tune as far as Bill is concerned!))

I'm here to tell you that YES THERE IS!  And depending on when your issue is discovered...  YOU CAN CHANGE this around naturally without chemo, radiation, bone marrow transplants etc etc etc..     YOU'VE GOT THE POWER ...  YOU CAN DO THIS!  AND you'll feel good doing it!

......stepping down off my soap box now..


yesterday out on Lake Sunapee for an evening cruise!

Sorry- couldn't help myself!


November 12, 2014

Hello again!

Sorry for the delay in updating.  We've been pretty busy with the store and all.  First, Bill is doing fine.  He's still putting in a full 8-10 hour work day.  He'll sit down in his favorite chair at the end of the day and he promptly falls asleep.  He'll asking me.. "Do you think this is normal for me to do this..."  "YEAH".... I answer.   I think its pretty normal for someone who gets up around 7am and doesn't stop working (moving) until 7pm and who is 69 (or he will be this Friday) lifting furniture that 2 teenagers would have a hard time with...  YEAH, I think his body is tired by the end of the day.   OH.. and he is also dealing with Leukemia.   

As you can see, he's not your normal Leukemic person.  But why?  Why is he feeling so good?    His white cells are now within the "Normal" range, His red cells are stable, low but increasing (I'll give exact numbers in a bit)    What is it about Bill that is keeping him "going" ?   We think we may have found the missing piece.

Bill started to have IV Vitamin C & Mineral infusions (Mortified Meyers) 3 weeks ago.  In addition he was been following the infusion up with 45 mins or so with oxygen therapy (Hyperberic Oxygen Bed/Chamber).   But before he got started with the IV Vitamin C the Naturopathic Dr (Dr Quinn)  had a G6PD blood test done.  This was to determine if his body could tolerate high doses of Vitamin C.   Well the normal range for G6PD is between 4-11  Do you think my husbands number would be "Normal"  heck no!   23   Yup, twenty-three !   So what does that mean?  We are not sure, except that we think that the elevated G6 has been insulating his cells from any cancer cells attacking them.  Could this be why he feels so good?   Don't know.    There is so little documentation about elevated G6.....  His Naturopathic Drs are getting excited about this find.   

So for now, my little mutant and I will continue the course! :-)
I've reduced his green drink to only a couple of times a day now because we don't want to over do.  

If you need a Naturopath Doctor in New Hampshire I have two.  Dr. Jody Noe (She is our head honcho, but she's in CT) She is sending Bill to these two Dr's for his IV and Oxygen therapy.  Both Drs are very nice and knowledgeable in healing cancer as well as other aspects of health. 

Dr Jennifer Quinn
North Coast Family Health
Portsmouth NH

Dr Ian Bier
Human Nature Natural Health
Portsmouth NH

Bill's numbers:

Nov 10, 2014
Nov 3, 2014
Normal CBC counts
WBC  6.7
WBC 5.4
WBC         4.5-10
RBC   3.26 
RBC  3.23 
RBC          4.6-6.3
Platelets 32 
Platelets 30
Platelets   140-440
ANC 1.34
ANC 0.87
ANC          1.6-6.5
Neutrophils 20
Neutrophils 11
Neutrophils  32-70
Blasts % 42
Blast % 47
Blast %   Zero


Steady he goes!  It will be interesting to see what next Monday's blood results looks like.  

Oh, one little tid bit...  After giving Bill the green drinks as I was, we started to notice that his hair was getting darker  (his grey was turning back to his normal dark brown color).  After the oxygen therapy sessions I really noticed a difference.   So... I guess it must be the extra oxygen in his blood that is causing this ?    I'll have to research to see if lack of oxygen causes your hair to go grey.  Gosh, wouldn't that be nice?  No more hair dye for me!!  Just make sure that my blood is well oxygenated !

Thats it for now!    Have Faith!

November 21, 2014

Bill is doing fine, though he just wants to "Be Done with this".  I guess everyone who has to under go something like this feels the same way at some point or another.  He just wants to "Be Normal" and not have to think about his illness (looking at him you'd never know he has Leukemia thats for sure!)   Anyway is numbers are the same as last week, but his blasts bumped up a smidgen.  So next monday we are increasing his IV Vitamin C.  I believe that they wanted to go slow with the dosage with Bill because his G6 is mutant (very high) and they've never seen anyone like him.  He is also having some dentistry work done.  He is having 2 teeth removed that had root canals in them.  Here is a link as to why he decided to have this done.  You decided for yourself what you think about this...

Root Canal Work

Also I want to share a link with you for a website that I just happened upon.  The internet is funny, you can search for something for days and not find what you are looking for... then one day...   BINGO!  there it is!  It just depends on what you type in your search engine.   (I digress) 

Check this out..  Read the home page.  Then you can type your point of interest in their search box at the top of their page.

Cancer Tutor

Its just makes me so upset to think that so many of our loved ones could be alive right now.  But its up to each of us to decide what type of medical care we want.  I, myself, trust more in my own intuition of what is right for my body and I truly believe that if we put the right stuff into our bodies we simply won't (or shouldn't) become ill.   So I'm here to tell you all ..... YOU can heal yourself!  YOU can change your life path.  Oh! You got me on a roll now!!   ok, ok, I'll stop...  enjoy reading!

August 10, 2013

Today we had our phone conference call with Dr Noe.  She was encouraged that the drs at the hospital now only want to have Bill have his blood tested once a month vs every other week.  They all agree that he is now STABLE.  This doesn't mean cured. It just means that he's holding his own and not getting "worse".  He keeps bouncing a bit.. up then down, up then down, but always within about the same levels

So now we are going to continue Dr. Noe's protocol but start to chelate the mercury (because he's on the high end of normal) as well as to try to chelate the Epstine Barr Virus (Mono) which has been in his system since he was a kid.    Dr. Noe wants us to start
s-l-o-w-ly  with Oral chelation and then increase the dosage over time (as Bill can handle it).   Bill asked "How will I know if its too much?"  She said... "You'll feel sick"    So, its on to chelation for our Billy Boy!     The method is capsules & drops at this point.

I'm still encouraged that everything will be fine.  The Dr's at the hospital are befuddled at Bill's outward health, He looks great- feels great!  MDS patients don't feel good like Bill does.  They told Bill to keep doing what he's doing!

For those numbers geeks..... here are his lab #'s from Friday  :-(

from his CBC test- August 9, 2013
Normal CBC counts
WBC 1.4  - 
WBC         4.5-10
RBC  3.70   - 
RBC          4.6-6.3
Platelets 19  -
Platelets   140-440
ANC 0.26  -
ANC          1.6-6.5
Neutrophils 14.3  -   
Neutrophils  32-70

Tonight, I think we'll take the boat out and enjoy a little of the day- After work!  I've been out straight with the Fine Artists Exhibition here at our store.  Exhausted is the word that comes to my mind!

But hey good news from "My Camp" I can now fit into a pair of jeans that I last wore 10 years ago!  Talk about a shock!  OOOOhhhhh I like this new "Life Style" change.   Veggies, Fruits, Seeds, Nuts, Buffalo-Elk, no milk/creamers, no extra salt or sugars etc or processed foods.

 Except for my muffins I do put some organic sugar & sea salt in them, but I only eat ONE muffin and I made it so I KNOW what is in them!

I guess that's all for now...
I'll let you know how the chelation goes... I can only imagine! C~

August 26, 2013

Today Bill is starting his Chelation process.  He has to take these pills (sorry I cant tell you what it is he's taking.. this is the part where I have to say again, each of us is different with unique issues, please ask your Naturalpath Dr for the correct protocol for you.)  But I'll say that we are working on 3 areas right now.   We want to SLOWLY chelate the mercury & benzine from Bill's system as well as the Epstein Barr Virus.     These 3 protocols need to be taken between meal, so I've had to set up a schedule for him.   Today is day 1 !
I'll let you know how it goes!   C~

AUGUST 27, 2013

Hello everyone!  Bill is now taking so many supplement pills each day that its crazy really.... HOWEVER, its still better than CHEMO!

Now he's taking his morning supplements at breakfast, then his morning supplemental shake with 6 oz of coconut milk and I've added 4 oz or so of pure organic aloe vera juice (natures way brand).  Then about an hour or so after breakfast he takes his 3 chelation pills and his homeopathic drops... then about 1pm its time for lunch, which includes his handful of supplements... around 3pm he'll take his chelation pills and drops.... dinner around 630-ish with handful of supplement pills, then around 8-ish his last chelation pills and drops..

I figure that we'll have to stay with this schedule for almost a month unless his Dr wants him to increase his chelation dosage, for now... this is our life!     Bottom line thou... Bill still feels good.

Bill was just talking to a gentleman yesterday who is taking over 100 prescription pills a week and still feels crappy.  Everything hurts, no energy etc.  When I hear these stories, I'm even more convinced that our change of diet (Organic, Buffalo, little to no dairy, no processed food etc) is the ONLY way to survive!

I need to give a Shout Out of THANKS to Brian Melesko who mentioned to me about CSA's.  (Community Supported Agriculture).

Basically what this is about is finding farms (organic) that are around your area and becoming "Share Croppers".  In the late winter/early spring you sign up with these farms (there is a membership fee that is usually very reasonable- FAR LESS THAN PAYING AT THE STORE!!)  As the crops are ready for harvesting, you go to the farm and pick up your fruits/veggies or what ever it was that you signed up for.

We found a farm just 15 mins away from us.  We signed up part way through the season and they gave us a reduced membership rate.
for us, it is only $100 for the rest of the growing season (6-8 weeks.)  When you figure that we were spending over $150 PER WEEK on organic fruits & veggies at the grocery store, driving 15 mins to the farm is a Godsend!

Grocery Store 
$150 x 8 weeks = $1200
for organic fruits/veggies (and the fruit is not always ripe!)
$100 FOR 8 weeks of produce ($12.50 per week)
Hummmmmmm which would you rather do?!   

This sure makes organic eating so much more affordable!  It helps the farmers out too.  They know how much they need to grow, they are paid ahead of time (membership fee's - late winter) so they have the funds to buy the seeds, etc that they'll need and because your produce is normally picked that day for you, there is little to no spoilage on the farmers part. AND you will get ripe, minimally handled produce!  its a win win...    This is really "Old School thinking" 

Here is a link to the CSA Local Harvest  go to the right hand side and you'll see where you can fill in your zip code, this will bring up a list of farms around your area.  scroll down and look for organic farms near you.  Also you should know that the membership fee's are for and with the farm itself.  You deal directly with them.

Some of the farms offer "working memberships" as well.  This means that you can pay a partial membership and work at the farm for the rest.  For some people, this may be a great way to eat organically and get outside as well!

I just wanted to share this with you all.  
Thats it for now!......   Christine~

September 9, 2013

Hello everyone!   Again, Thank you for all of your prayers & for those farmer friends who have brought us "Extra's" from your organic gardens!  We have put everything to good use!!

Well today Bill had his monthly blood test.
FINALLY we got those stubborn White Blood Cells to MOVE!  up until now they have been constantly dropping... But today!!! They are UP!
His Red Blood Cells dropped a little (I know why, Bill has wanted more white meats rather than Buffalo as much... Back to the Buff-- Bill!)
ok... so how many of you just said or thought... Buffalo Bill ?  LOL

Did I mention that Bill caught strep?  Yup..  2 days of gargling with organic apple cider vinegar and water.( 3tea to 8oz of water) several times a day & 6 garlic tabs per day...   right as rain!

from his CBC test-

Sept 9, 2013
Aug  9, 2013
Normal CBC counts
WBC  2    + 
 WBC 1.4  - 
WBC         4.5-10
RBC   3.43  -
 RBC  3.70  -
RBC          4.6-6.3
 Platelets 20  + 
Platelets 19
Platelets   140-440
ANC 0.36  + 
ANC 0.26  - 
ANC          1.6-6.5
Neutrophils 18.4 +  
Neutrophils 14.3-
Neutrophils  32-70


Bill's happy, baby steps... again, it took him many years to get this way, I'm expecting that we have a year of recovery!   I'll add more tomorrow... I know you're all waiting to see todays results!

September 13th 2013

Good Afternoon,
Things are going fine.  Bill was feeling a little dizzy when he stood up fast, so I've started to have him take some Metagenic's "Endura" to increase his electrolytes.  This product is also great if ummmm, you've celebrated just a little too much the night before!.... Just sayin! :-)  Its in powder form and its like a super-duper gater-aid.
If you're in our area, you can find this product at Z Pharmacy in Newport NH.

Bone Marrow soup is on the stove as I type.. Tomorrow I'm making Organic Apple sauce.   I'm feeling like its time to create something new in the kitchen....  mulling over different ingredients...
I'll have to give it more thought!..

So many people have asked if I'd write a cookbook.  At first I said that I didnt think I wanted to.. but, perhaps I will.  

Guess thats all the news I have for today.
God is Good!

September 27, 2013

Well, Hello!
All is well here.  Bill is doing well.  We had a conference call with Dr.Noe (Bill's Naturopath Dr) on Tuesday.  We are going to continue with the natural chelation process for another month since it appears that its working.   NEXT friday Bill goes for another blood test, so we'll see whats WHAT then.

He's out mowing the back 40 as I type!  So how's he doing?... FINE!

For those waiting for the Big news that Bill's numbers are "normal", we are not expecting to see that until at least May 2014  we figure its going to take at least a year to get him turned around.  AND.. we'll have those times when its 3 steps forward, 1 step back.  :-)     But all in all, we're fine and marching in the right direction.

It is a lot on my shoulders to make sure he's getting the right nutrition, supplements etc.  All I do each day is cook, cook, cook.  OH.. and Cook some more!
I'm really tired at the end of the day.. Yup, burning the candle at both ends, but what else are we "support" people to do?

High 5 to all you "Support" people..  this job is NOT for sissy's!


I did finally get the buffalo liver.  Cooked it up for him this afternoon for his lunch.  sauteed onions,garlic and a pepper first, then laid the slices of liver on top to cook.   Do not over cook your liver!  Can I say "Shoe Leather"?  I didn't, mine came out perfectly- just warning yah!

While Bill has been on the chelation therapy I have been hesitant to make him tuna sandwiches for his lunch.  (mercury) so...what to do...what to do..  besides the veggie soups...  hummm...  I came up with an idea.

I bought a 3 lb buffalo chuck roast. Put my "meat rub" on it, put it into the over at 500 degrees for 19 minutes and then turned the over down to 350 degrees 20 mins.  Then let it rest for 30 mins.  My meat thermometer read 120 degrees. (we like roast beef rare)   Once the meat rested I sliced the meat very very thin against the grain.

That night I made "french dips" for dinner using the buffalo roast.

The next day I made "Roast Beast" sandwiches with organic cream cheese with a horseradish & chives spread & kale leaves on an organic bun for his lunch.  
one word...   YUMMMMMMMMMY!

I went to the buff farm to get another couple of roasts, but they were out.  :-(   Man-o-man were those sandwiches great!

I also made for our church coffee hour an Organic Almond-Raspberry cake made with almond flour and quinoa flour.  Everyone raved over the cake.  I'll have to remember what I put in it!  I just started adding things..   4 eggs,flours, sugar, baking powder, vanilla, butter (of course everything organic).  Poured 1/2 the batter into a greased pan, spread homemade raspberry jam over the top of the batter, then added the remaining batter over the top.   Made a cream cheese-vanilla frosting...  cut them into small pieces and served them in cup cake papers.  (bite size!...Portion control!)
I cant say myself how they tasted, I caught Bill's cold and couldn't taste!  :-O

Well, thats it for now...
Til next week!

October 8, 2013

I have some results from Bill's lab work yesterday.  All and all he's trending fine.  :-)    Thank you everyone for all of your good wishes and prayers!

From his CBC test- 

Oct 7, 2013   
Sept  9, 2013
Normal CBC counts
WBC  1.5- 
WBC 2  
WBC         4.5-10
RBC   3.40  -
RBC  3.43
RBC          4.6-6.3
Platelets 30  + 
Platelets 20 
Platelets   140-440
ANC 0.50  +  
ANC 0.36
ANC          1.6-6.5
Neutrophils 34 +    
Neutrophils 18.4
Neutrophils  32-70


Bill's Neutrophis are now within the low Normal level  :-)

His ANC is really climbing, this is good as well.  His White & Red Cells will continue to bounce around for a while I think while we are doing the chelation process.   I've started to give him iron supplements as well to help with his red cells.

The Dr's at the hospital are encouraged.  They told Bill that he looks awesome and that if it wasn't for what they were reading on the paper in front of them, they would not guess that he was ill in any way.  Bill's skin, weight, heart, lungs, legs -everything is perfect and that of a very much younger man.  The Dr commented that what ever it is we are doing... keep doing it and he'll see Bill next month.

SOoooooooo   Its working folks!  And Bill has thanked me for doing this for him.  :-)  
 Great Grandma's cooking (all natural products vs the stuff that is at the grocery stores)  Natural remedies for colds/flu's etc etc vs chemicals that the Dr's want you to take which WILL cause a whole bunch of other problems later on.
Its just amazing to me how far off base we've been lead.

For those wondering how I'm doing... I'm fine  :-)
I spent the weekend with my sister in NY.  It was fun, I helped bottle feed baby cows twice a day (She and Her husband are starting an Organic Dairy) (we had a lot of laughs)  Then we picked concord grapes and spent the next day making grape jam.  We used organic sucanat vs white sugar that the recipe called for.  But really... would you really expect me to follow someone else's recipe to "The letter"?  (laughing...Yah, Right..)

so you're wondering what the heck sucanat is?  well I had to "google" it for you.  Here is what I found.. (I copied it from the other sight)

Here's a good article on the difference: http://www.ehow.com/about_5374032_turbinado-vs-sucanat.html

  • Turbinado (a.k.a. Sugar in the Raw) = cane juice that's heated to its crystallization point.
  • Sucanat = cane juice that's dried/dehydrated.

Sucanat has more of the original molasses content.


From The Cook's Thesaurus

sucanat = unrefined natural sugar = granulated sugar

cane juice = dehydrated sugar cane juice

Substitutes: granulated sugar (fewer nutrients) OR brown sugar OR turbinado sugar


Grape Jam  

3lbs of grapes- or so-  take the grapes off their stems, put them into a stock pot and smush them with either a potato masher or your hands..though you should note that if you use your hands... they will be dark purple/ black when you are done...just as my sister!  LOL..
After the grapes are smashed, turn the stove on to a medium high heat and start the grapes to boil.  while the grapes are cooking, use the masher to squish them again.   when the "Green" insides of the grapes are all smashed up (you'll know when this is) pour the grapes into a screen colander with a bowl underneath.  You'll need to mash the grape mixture much like you do with my Buffalo Bone Marrow Broth recipe.  What you want to do is  to remove the seeds and skin from the grape juice.  Once done, pour the grape juice back into the stock pot.  Bring it all back to a boil.  Once its boiling again, add 1 cup of sucanat and bring the whole mixture to 220 degrees on your candy/canning thermometer.   From here... follow normal canning procedures..  pour into clean jars, using clean seals, then place sealed jars into a boiling pot of water for 15 mins to process the jar seals.   Really easy.. Really good!      I did notice that the jam has a little crunch to it, and I'm assuming its because the sucanat takes longer to dissolve where as the refined white sugar dissolves quickly.  But since we are not using White Sugar anymore...   "It is what it is"   and it tastes really good!

Well, I guess that's it for now.  
Bill's next lab work is Nov 4th.  

November 7, 2013

Hey there!

So, here are Bill's test results for those who are following his numbers.

From his CBC test- 

Nov 4, 2013
Oct 7, 2013
Normal CBC counts
WBC  1.8
WBC 1.5 
WBC         4.5-10
RBC   3.69
RBC  3.40
RBC          4.6-6.3
Platelets 21
Platelets 30
Platelets   140-440
ANC 0.37
ANC 0.50
ANC          1.6-6.5
Neutrophils 21
Neutrophils 34
Neutrophils  32-70

As I've said to Bill, its like taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back, but eventually we'll get there.   Again, this process is going to take us a year? perhaps year and 1/2 ?   Its totally up to Bill's body how close to "normal" his numbers will get.  But we are going forward with the idea that his numbers will become normal.

At this point, we know that Bill is not on "death's door" as he was told he was.  Bill just has to be careful because his immune system is very low.  He needs to be aware of being around people who are ill.   Other than that... He looks fine, acts fine, IS Fine!

OH, I have to share with you- I received an email from "Jamie from Utah" who has been diagnosed with MDS.  The email made me teary.    It is for this EXACT reason that I keep writing this blog so that others will know that they are not alone in this battle.  AND that there are other ways to cure your body or shall I say, help your body cure it self!


By the way, I've been asked several times to write a cookbook. I guess I'll have to!  It can be my winter project...  

One of my problems was/is...What to give Bill for lunch when he's on the road.   I cant just run to the deli for sandwich meat (its all processed!)  Think Christine, Think...  Ummm cook a roast and make roast beef sandwiches.. but I cant call it beef, its buffalo! 

here is my recipe for Roast Beast -Buffalo-    (Roast Beef if you're cooking beef)